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Hear From The Entrepreneurs We've Worked With

"Jensen and Andrew are great to work with. They took the time to understand our vision and really got behind us both as investors and by providing strategic support. Jensen and Andrew have introduced us to strategic partners, helped us with the recruitment of senior roles and have been a pleasure to work with."

Bucketlist - Jason - Photo.PNG

Jason Lindstrom

CEO / Founder, Bucketlist

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"Andrew spent more time than any other investor researching and synthesizing our business model. He asked insightful questions to understand critical points of leverage and defensibility. Due to that knowledge gained, I often discussed market dynamics with him, even prior to him investing. I am thrilled he and Jensen are now on the cap table and our continued discussions to create value for Matic Insurance are mutually beneficial."

Matic - Ben - Photo.png

Ben Madick

CEO / Founder, Matic

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"Andrew and Jensen have been professional and thorough since our first conversation. The customer, market, and financial diligence they performed pre-investment provided insights to me and my management team that we are using in our business today. Channel Equity laid the foundation for a great working relationship going forward, and I know I can turn to them for anything."

Megadata - Shalom - Photo.png

Shalom Reinman

CEO / Founder, Megadata

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Mappedin - Hongwei - Photo.png

"Andrew and Jensen work hard to support founders because they themselves are founders of Channel Equity Partners. They are a constant source of help and encouragement. Most importantly, their input comes with both the confidence in their great track record and a genuine respect for founders and their teams. I would recommend them as investors to anyone."

Hongwei Liu

CEO / Founder, Mappedin

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Schola - Jaime - Photo.png

"Jensen and Andrew provided value and built a close relationship with me and my team before there was ever even an opportunity to work together. I appreciated their transparent and professional investment process as the lead for our Series A, which helped us secure a co-lead and other co-investors. They are collaborative and insightful partners that I would recommend to other software entrepreneurs."

Jaime Martinez

CEO / Founder, Schola

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SpotHopper - Aleks - Photo.png

"Andrew and Jensen are nothing short of spectacular. They've helped us develop a great system to report key SaaS metrics, introduced us to numerous investors, and helped us raise our Series B round."

Aleks Ivanovic

Exec. Chairman / Founder, SpotHopper

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eVisit - Brett - Photo.png

"In building eVisit, I established 100+ potential partner relationships, and when my company experienced explosive growth at the onset of COVID, I targeted three things in a partner: the people, their experience, and that they had a pre-existing thesis on my market opportunity. Andrew and Jensen proved, over the course of a 5-year relationship, that they wanted to partner, not just invest. I found they are always at the ready to lean in and help me solve real issues, even since they’ve started Channel Equity Partners."

Bret Larsen

Exec. Chairman / Founder, eVisit

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CreatorIQ - Igor - Photo.png

"Andrew's deep understanding of CreatorIQ's emerging space and valuable insights and introductions were pivotal to our progress. His founder-friendly approach made him a trusted advisor during our critical growth phase."

Igor Vaks

CEO / Founder (retired), CreatorIQ

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HealthCrowd - Bing - Photo.png

"Jensen was a Board Observer for my company HealthCrowd from 2018-2021. I valued his financial acumen – he was especially helpful in our financial planning & budgeting prior to us hiring a VP, Finance. Later, he also assisted us in the process of making that key hire. I appreciated that he was always on the pulse of our business and its KPIs, maintaining context and continuity from one touchpoint to another. This allowed him to be an important partner to us through our successful exit in 2021."

Neng Bing Doh

CEO / Founder (exited), HealthCrowd

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SmartAction - Tom - Photo.png

"Andrew and Jensen were tenacious, professional, and on point. More importantly they were the ones that made the journey of recapitalizing SmartAction less frightening and achievable. Always approachable and always insightful."

Tom Lewis

CEO (former), SmartAction

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BitTitan - Barney - Photo.png

"I could always rely on Andrew and his colleagues to provide insightful information and practical solutions to business problems we faced. I would welcome the chance to work with Andrew again or have him sit on the Board of a company where I worked."

Barney Silver

VP Finance (exited), BitTitan

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Docupace - Mark - Photo.png

"When I took over as CEO of Docupace after being an independent Board Director, Andrew worked closely with me on professionalizing the Board package and helping the company prepare for an exit. During tense negotiations with the buyer, Andrew and I collaborated to bring all parties together and close the transaction. We remain in contact years after that successful sale due to the relationship forged working together at Docupace."

Mark Tapling

CEO (exited), Docupace

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Celigo - Jan - Photo.png

"Andrew’s knowledge of Celigo’s market stood out from the first call and differentiated him from many other investors for our Series A. Jensen worked tirelessly on our SaaS metrics in our formative years and was a wealth of knowledge in helping our go-to-market teams evaluate various prospecting tools. I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest to work with them again."

Jan Arendtsz

CEO / Founder, Celigo

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