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About Us

Based in San Diego, CA, CEP is a "Smaller Growth Equity" firm that invests in B2B, Lower-Market SaaS companies.

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Investment Criteria

Business Type:



Growth Rate:


Deal Size:

Deal Profiles:

B2B software & software-enabled services

United States & Canada

$3M - 12M


85%+ Gross; 100%+ Net

$5M - 15M

Minority (primary/secondary), lead/follow

Where Does "Smaller Growth Equity" Fit in the Private Capital Landscape?

Larger Growth Equity

Too Big For Lower-Market SaaS

  • $300M+ funds require $20M+ investments to deploy across 15+ portcos. 

  • Large check sizes create significant dilution or inflated investor expectations.

  • Many sub-$12M ARR businesses are ill-suited, or do not want, to take on LGE’s minimum check size.

Venture Capital

"Portfolio Theory" Is Misaligned With Lower-Market SaaS

  • Focused on hypergrowth, huge TAM opportunities.

  • "High loss ratio" fund model puts founders' equity at risk.

  • Portfolio returns generated by handful of companies – others are neglected.

Private Capital Landscape 5.30.23.png

Venture Capital vs Smaller GE vs Larger GE

Private Capital Landscape Detail 5.30.23.png
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